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An Independent and Personal Site on Egypt,
her People, Contemporary as Ancient Culture - and all between (-:

what are you looking for?

What do you look for?

Do you look for information from Egypt, history or what happens in Egypt today? Egyptian resources in english, or new finds from ancient Egypt - or the time from the Holy Family in Egypt and the much more unknown history with among other a female Sultana, and up to contemporary Egypt? Want to dig under under the headlines of the standard media coverage of this country?

What do you find here?

What do you find here?

Well first of all, this is a personal site - mostly about Egypt. It's a independent site where we want to give you some of our own information, as some of the resources we trust from inside Egypt as outside. For links, yes we can agree with them, but don't take that for granted (-: For journalists and media, se own section. Read more


Why did we put up this site?

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who are we?

Who are we?

We are a family where three of us are born in Egypt, and one in Norway. It's Ahlam, Aisha May, Zahrah and myself, Arnvid (a.k.a. the NileVikings). In addition it include our family in Egypt, friends and wide network in Egypt and abroad.